My favorite Whiskey Cream Sauce for wild game.

We all hunt, fish, and cook. I enjoy every second of cooking what my husband or I has harvested because it gives me a sense of satisfaction. I know that what is in my skillet is something that is all natural and we had to work for it. Some people hunt to fill their freezers and others do it because of family tradition; either way you cannot beat a delicious wild game steak. Continue reading “My favorite Whiskey Cream Sauce for wild game.”

Let’s Start with an Intro…

First, I would like to start by commending all hunters that practice safe and legal hunting. There are reasons behind hunting regulations and that is to make sure that all parties including the animals are protected. Good hunting practices aren’t something that people know, they are practices that are taught. Passed on by generations, it is something that all hunters hold near and dear to their hearts.  This blog is not about complaining its simply a safe space where female hunters can relate to these practices.

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