A Sportsman’s Father’s Day

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of FoodSaver ® however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Father’s Day is a special day that is set aside for us to be able to reflect on the important men in our life. This is the time we get to show our own father or the father of our children how much we truly appreciate them.My father and grandpa showed me the values of true sportsmanship and continue to teach me. I remember being young and on the boat with my grandpa and he would take the time to show my sister and I how to fish. He was the first person to sIMG-1748how me how to troll for fish and how to set a hook. My grandparents lived in a cozy pine cabin on a beautiful lake in the middle of the woods in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I remember spending my summer vacations with my siblings in the U.P. fishing with my grandpa every day, simply enjoying the sort of fishing and each other’s company.

The sport is more than a hobby, it’s a complete lifestyle that your every decision and purchase is based on. I know that all my father wants for Father’s Day is to spend time with his kids doing what he loves. We lived on a quaint lake in Michigan that offered us so much. I remember my father teaching us how to swim and taking us out on the boat, so we could jump off in the middle of the lake. I didn’t understand then, but he tried to instill the importance of sportsmanship when you are dealing with harvesting wild game. There is a living breathing connection to every harvest and you must respect the craft. Those memories are something that I can never forget and will instill the same lessons in my children. Its moments like those that we preserve in our minds, so we can look back on them and reflect. The teachings that the men in my life have taught me are priceless and irreplaceable.


So, what do you get these men that have given you so much? Deciding on the perfect gift for a sportsman on Father’s Day can be a daunting task because it seems like that have everything they need. As the women in their lives, I know that we have all been in the garage elbow deep in processing the latest harvest or bent over the cutting board filleting what seems to be your 150th Perch. So, after all the effort put into hunting, harvesting, and processing the most crucial step is to package it up for the freezer. My husband and I have only ever trusted FoodSaver ® GameSaver ® Vacuum Sealing Systems and Heat-Seal Bags. FoodSaver ® has created what i personally find to be the most efficient game saving system GameSaver ® Big Game ™ Vacuum Sealing System. It keeps fish and game fresh up to 5X longer and prevents freezer burn, who doesn’t want that?!


Not only is it extremely efficient the Big Game ™ is for the sportsman on the go, whether you are in the boat or RV it has an easy carrying handle and a 12 Volt DC Adapter, so you can preserve up to 80 consecutive seals. FoodSaver ® has truly kept in mind the outdoor lifestyle when creating the Big Game ™ .

Get your hands on one today right in time for Father’s Day. Stop by your local Walmart if you can’t wait for shipping or order online. I promise GameSaver ® won’t disappoint.

Or, if you need a refill in GameSaver ® Heat-Seal Bags and Rolls, I got you covered


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