The Story of a Mother Hunter


I asked my female hunter followers on Instagram to DM me some of their personal stories and experiences being a female hunter. I had absolutely no expectations when I asked people to send me their stories but I was pleasantly surprised at how many great things these women had to say about their hunting experiences. It was difficult to choose just one because I think that all women in hunting should be celebrated. These were truly inspirational and personal stories that total strangers felt that they could share with me. I honestly feel as if they were open to sharing these stories with me because of the fact that in some way we as women are all connected by hunting. On some level we all share this bond that hunting has created for us. We love and nurture our families and provide for them by hunting. I am proud of the community we have created for each other because without that support we wouldn’t be so successful.

As I was sorting through my inbox I started reading a message from a fellow hunter named Lindsay (IG: @lindsay_m_costa) about how she went hunting while she was in her 3rd trimester! I couldn’t believe what I was reading! How amazing is that dedication to hunting!

Lindsay described hunting to be difficult but doing while pregnant took the experience to a whole new level. In 2015, she was 38 weeks pregnant when deer season opened and decided to give it a shot. After two days of hunting she was not feeling it anymore. Her hunting season started in August so not only was it was unbearably hot out and riding in the truck was not doing her body any favors. Constantly hitting bumps in the truck was taking a toll on her body and she made the decision to rest and come to the understanding that she may not be harvesting a deer that season.

After two weeks she was still pregnant and had the itch to get back out there and try again. On her due date, she spotted a buck and stopped him in his tracks. After all of this she was able to hike him out of the woods. Not only did she harvest a buck that year but her beautiful daughter came into the world 10 days later on her birthday.


Lindsay with her buck in 2015.

Motherhood is something that only us as women can experience and it is truly spectacular. Her story touches my heart because her love of hunting and love to provide for her children conquered all that day. There was no giving up until she achieved success and Lindsay did just that in more ways than one.

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