A Letter to Female Hunters

We’ve all faced off with a person who doesn’t believe we can do it. The person who tells us that we aren’t strong enough or how we just do it for attention. Well they are wrong because we can do anything…

Being a female in the hunting world is more difficult than anything I have experienced. There is constant judgement from males and females that doubt my ability to be a successful hunter. Their idea of success, though, is the harvesting aspect of hunting and they forget all the other important details. A successful hunt for me is the action of going out into nature with my husband and creating memories. Looking out and seeing the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. Being able to feel the cool crisp mountain air on your skin and watching the warm sun come up over the horizon. Those are some of the reasons that I do it.

Hunting is a passion that pumps through your veins every single day. In my house we are constantly talking about what our goals are for upcoming hunting seasons and we both support each other in our ventures. Support from friends and family makes a huge difference when it comes to becoming a successful hunter. All the scrutiny women get in this industry isn’t fair. Media has created this idea of a female hunter being big breasted, tan, and always wearing skimpy camo. That is so far from the truth it is honestly unbelievable. We are mothers, daughters and wives that have real goals and aspirations. We are not in this for attention, but we do it for the experiences, the memories and we just happen to love the taste of wild game. We are real women taking part in something that we love to do.

I did not start hunting until I was an adult and it was something my husband introduced me to. He has taken every opportunity to help me become a better hunter and has helped me every step of the way. That does not mean he does everything for me like some people think. Every single step you take in the woods, every minute spent scouting and making sure your shot is going to be perfect takes dedication. We are dedicated to the cause and that is what makes us successful. We are female hunters.

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