Let’s Start with an Intro…

First, I would like to start by commending all hunters that practice safe and legal hunting. There are reasons behind hunting regulations and that is to make sure that all parties including the animals are protected. Good hunting practices aren’t something that people know, they are practices that are taught. Passed on by generations, it is something that all hunters hold near and dear to their hearts.  This blog is not about complaining its simply a safe space where female hunters can relate to these practices.

I will be the first to say that being young, blonde, and a woman is hard. It sounds silly and vain but it’s the truth. Or at least my truth….. There are constant remarks about my intelligence because of all three of these traits. When there is a comment made about them I smile, laugh, and walk away  because I know my self worth.  I want women in my same situation to feel empowered. That’s what hunting does for me. Hunting taught me that there are more important things in life than how people view you. Here’s to all my fellow huntresses!


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